Fanning the Flames (Constructively)

Not long ago I explained how I was underwhelmed by the new Sony Bravia advert. That post sparked a spirited exchange in the comments that basically boiled down to a debate about personal preferences.

Shortly after that, I got an interesting email from Quba Michalski with Turkish studio Imago New Media. He sent me a link to a video project called O�O, for which paint was catapulted into the air, filmed by a high-speed camera and then composited with other catapulted paint footage. The full project is only available on DVD, but you can get a feel for it in this sample clip.


Now I’m not saying that Fallon or Sony should have hired Simon Goulet, OÃÂ?O’s creator, to make their spot. I’m just saying that there are more relevant, more compelling ways to work with paint and color than by blowing up 6000 gallons of it and spending millions of dollars on a crew of 900 (or however many people they had working on that monster).

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hmmm. I don’t know. the stills you selected are amazing and more interesting looking to me than the Bravia spot, but the sample clip is total chaos and not that interesting at all. I felt overwhelmed by it and couldn’t see enough to pick out any great individual moments.

The one thing the Bravia had going for it that this doesn’t is scale and bottom line “did they really do that?” factor.


I have seen the ENTIRE film and have loved it. Sat in the darkness mesmerized for the entire time. I had no idea paint does that. at some points I even thought “that can NOT be real..that’s gotta be a visual trick or whatever”.

But it wasnt!!!!Was all real. and was all gorgeous.

Monovich, maybe you should have a look at the film? Monumental, to say the least.

Good one, Justin.

Paul Ducco

yeah I was lucky enough to catch the piece at the Melbourne International Animation Festival … it was truly mesmerising.


Kind of boring.


Would make a great screensaver


hm, sounds like personal preference is still the case.

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