Smith & Foulkes: Orange “Mouth”


The amazing Smith & Foulkes (of Nexus Productions) packed a ton of personality into a tiny package with their new spot for Orange. It’s a totally different style than their previously posted work and a study in character animation more than anything else. For those of you looking for eye-popping visuals, don’t write this one off too quickly; there’s more here than meets the eye on a first viewing.

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Paul Ducco

very interesting spot. still waiting for the ‘more’ to meet my eyes though. tell me I’m missing something …


Paul Ducco

that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it though.


“still waiting for the ‘more’ to meet my eyes though.”

I’m mainly talking about the subtlety of the character animation, especially in the eyes. For instance, watch the figure on the left’s eyes right before he opens the box. And check out the figure on the right’s eyes right after the mouth is slapped onto his face. It’s all very understated, despite the wild movement of both characters.

Maybe you caught all that on first viewing. But if you watch the spot expecting another Honda “Grrr” ad, you’ll miss it. :-)

Paul Ducco

ooohhhh, f**k I must have been tired. I was watching it sideways and upsidedown to see if the orange shape spelt out a word or something. *sigh*

yes the animation is top notch. I appreciated that on first viewing, but it IS definitely worth the re-watch.


Would love to see more of them soon.

It would be bad though to have them overused.

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