save the cheerleader…

woops… wrong earth ending issue.

click3x, MTV and Dr. Octagon, attempt to save the planet. Whilst the whole thing is riding the thin line of cheezy, it’s good cause overrides. It’s a little light hearted for such a serious matter, if you ask me. I like to be kicked in the stomach, keeling over to the ground while getting yelled at about the issue at hand, and then told, with enthusiasm, what can be done, rather than have some kid lip sync a rap song about it. Anyway, at least the message is there, which is why I post it. It actually airs on TRL, wednesday Nov. 1st.




A little kid gets lit on fire and the whole video takes place in an eco-apocalypse. That is light hearted? I liked it a lot. The song is very bright
cheerful but the visual are definitely not.


Yeah, it’s a weird spot. I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly. I know this makes me sound like an old person, but I didn’t really get a clear call to action from it. The message is there, as Ted points out: trees are, in fact, dying.

But what am I supposed to do with that information? I listened intently to the few lyrics I could understand, but I didn’t get much out of those. Just a bunch of poor diction and weird similies.

“Trees may be extinct like the elephant.”


“Carbon dioxide coming out to you.”

Um… okay. Thanks for the warning…?

Paul Ducco

not the worst clip in the world.

but it’s definitely close for worst track though.

“Trees are dying” spread the word yo yo bling bling.


Yeah, I guess I should clarify my comment above: I dig the visuals (for the most part). But the music… wtf?


No One better to do a PSA than the Octagynacologist.


“hey, look at me I am an artist, I have to do this PSA and im going to do this wierd artsy fartsy thing, coz its BREAKING bounderies”… “and then…” “and then im gonna put this wierd rap song to it.. and make it really bad so that its cool and edgy”

WTF is up with that spot? Thanks as usual Tread.

People should know when to do real work and when to do “edgy” work. This is a good example to leave the edgy crap at home.


How ’bout naming the director on this, yeah?
Her name is Georgie Greville.
stop being haters.


“leave the edgy crap at home.”

Give me a break.

You assholes fawn over corporate crass commercials that have no other purpose than to manipulate, control and sell shit that NO ONE needs yet here comes something that is about doing something positive and it gets trashed. I don’t get it.

Gaze into a Hummer commercial and vote Republican you shallow shitheads.


Wow, no need to get all crazy here phantasm. I think the point is to critique the piece regardless of its purpose. People didn’t trash the piece because it wasn’t a commercial for some corporate product. They said what they said because they thought it could have been better. I happen to agree here as well.


Well, the whole reason I posted this was because of it’s ‘purpose’, which I am appreciative of. And the reason I questioned it at all is because I don’t really feel the message is conveyed in the most effective and purposeful means possible. I mean it’s a little kid doing this quirky playful rap about trees dying. I dunno, maybe that’s the hook. But I think it’s forgettable, when it shouldn’t be. It’s a serious issue, not something a little kid should rap about ala ‘beakman’s world’.


I think the election has me all worked up, I just re-read my post and it was a little harsh but also funny. If offended anyone..sorry.

Anyway, from my perspective the point of the video is to communicate to a younger demographic even though there is some dark imagery. I think that is what people don’t “get”. Of course it is a serious topic but it doesn’t mean you have to beat people over the head with the some scary, scary imagery. Maybe the kids should of been dancing on floating corpses of Hurricane Katrina victims? The Al Gore film was scary enough for adults, I think this was for kids/young adults.

I thought the video was cool. I liked the look of the forest and car scenes a lot. I don’t see many music videos that keep my interest but this did.

Terry Boswell

Visually, this video is engaging as all hell. The song seems to be a tongue n’cheek sendup that is more designed to provoke discussion, and it’s simplistic nature is silly, but it’s Kook Keith dammit! The whole point seems to be primal fear. Simplistic, real and accessible, even to a child. It seems more silly to argue the merits of KK doing something that is legitimately influential in terms of activism. It’s not a commercial for the Sierra Club, dudes, it’s silly music!

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