PES for Orange


PES, whose stop-motion and pixelation-based films ushered in a wave of imitators has a new piece out for Orange, the UK mobile co.



PES is really talented man, his work never stops getting better. Wonder how much time he spends on those projects….


something to note– the correct spelling is “pixilation”, which refers to human actors moving incrementally and does not apply to manipulation of objects. this work would technically be classified as using a combination of puppet stop motion (the most common kind) and object stop motion (which most of Pes’ work falls under).

not trying to be a prick, just meaning to help.


That’s interesting info, Jaan. I didn’t realize until I came to SCAD how developed stop-motion is as a creative mode. I always thought it was just the bastard child of animation, but it’s a fully fleshed discipline with all the nuances and terminology one would expect.

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