Double Glazed is Looking for Talent

Shit, I probably should have posted this sooner, but it slipped through the cracks. This might be a good opportunity for exposure/networking or it might not. You decide. Here’s the email:

Double Glazed is looking for talent! We are throwing an event on Novemeber 13th (Monday) at Annex in LES. It is a Designer’s Event showcasing up and coming artists. This event is going to be a good social platform and will have some infuential people there checking out the work so we were wondering if you could please give us a shoutout.

We are looking for Motion Graphics, Short Films/Video (5min and under), or visuals to play during the event. These pieces need to be innovative original and as well independent (no large company work).

We are also looking for original art work, drawings, painting, mixed media. or silkscreening.

We will choose 10 different pieces per medium (print/illustration or motion) which will be screened or displayed during this event. We are just trying to get the new talents and the more established one in the same room shaking hands and hips… and having a great time!



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nov. 13? or dec 13?? Please let be dec. 13!! I would love to go!

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