Fire Horse Studio: More Toyota Goodness


I’m still drooling over the Brand New School Toyota work that Tread posted a little while back. Sydney-based Fire Horse Studios worked with BNS on the campaign and created “Toyota Planet,” a :15 teaser to introduce the series that’s definitely worth a gander.

Notice how the camera interacts with the environment? When the 747 passes by, for example, there’s a little turbulence, and as the camera comes to a stop in front of the car, it stirs up leaves on the road. Nice touch.

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like it – but why is there an unmotivated lens flare throughout the whole damn thing? it could have added an awful lot of depth if it just moved right, but instead it kinda just sits there looking like a lazy trick.

nonetheless, all that camera shaking and so forth is tight.


Didn’t we just have a car-commercial by brandnewschool with that same concept?


Didn’t we just not read the post more carefully? ;-)


needs superman music


I’m totally in love with these spots… I’d love to see more.


3 months for 15 sec…!!!!
bloody hell – i would kill for a timeline like that!


Too bad the Brand New School is down today :(
Great ads anyway.

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