Buck doses TV Land

buck_tvland.jpgBuck dips in to the illustrative styles of decades past for a series of :15 IDs for TV Land that highlight the hairstyles, footwear, and music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. With a few rollerskating televisions in a candy-colored strawberry-coated world for good measure. Somebody must have dipped into the brown acid for these …. Rad.



These spots rocked my socks off!


In L.A. everyone uses teh word RAD. Pretty pathetic. Pathetic people.

While i like this clip it’s just a homage to what has already been. Lame.

L.A. Studios seem to care only about 80ies and pop. And fun.



Greg, want to try and develop a time machine to go back to 1982 with me? Then, we can do vector 2005 designs with birds, dear and other animals surrounded by flourishes and people will think its RAD.
Time travel designers.. thats kinda RAD.
K,hit me up…

LA people

This has nothing to do with LA people….and RAD…..This is ID for TV Land a network that mainly airs 80’s show…..Hmmmm, still no connection?


Yeah, they are dumb and angsty kids who cant spell.



ahaha good one stray, i just aint a hill-billy like you that goes “deer” hunting so i dont know how to spell dear.

LA people says… good one.. hahaha peeps crack me up here on earth.


Greg you r an ASSHOLE!!! this clips was done between NY and LA, what are you talking about dickhead?

show us your work stupid FUCKFACE!




L.A. is a shitty place, for shitty people with shitty ideas.
Just can’t stand all these poppy designers like justin harder and his ubercool RAD-Crew.


Wow. Greg is a real angry man/hater. Haven’t had sex for too long probably?
Go out more and stop doing the deer heads with THA DOH.


Greg is probably a ex-intern with shitty work who got rejected at BUCK?

Sir Monkey

I hate to admit it because I’m originally from LA, but I do think Greg has a point. He might not have said it with grace but there is something to the design work that comes from LA. I don’t think Buck should be put into that category because that is there true aesthetic/humor, but there are a handful of studios that are so stuck with pure eye candy and NO content, they make pretty 80’s pictures.

I also lived in NY and I do see a huge difference between east coast and west coast work, West coast = Pop driven eye candy… East coast = Content driven and original aethetics

Of course I’m only talking about a select group of studios but there are enough of them creating the same looking shit that it can be called a “west coast” design.

I hate to bring up a certain studio name, but L*^$@, was a studio posted on this site recently, I know it’s Justin Cone’s favorite studio, I ask him to name a single project that this person did that is content driven and not some pop driven eye candy, something not so disposable. I don’t think I ever got a response. I will say this person is an amazing designer/animator, but it’s just not content dirven. It’s the “LA RAAAAAADDDDD” work that Greg is talking about.

Obviously studios like Motion Theory and Logan are original thinkers and they are in a league of their own.

Another observation, the studios in NYC are very friendly, most owners are supportive of other owners, where as LA, holy shit, it’s like a pack of hyenas waiting to eat the other owners. Constant bantor between studios, it’s sraight up silly.

My worthless 2 cents…


You know, maybe these comments about style over content might make sense if say, this were a car commercial.

But the promo is literally about retro style for a retro cable channel. I don’t know about any of the other mystery studios being mentioned in this thread, but as far as this spot goes, buck got it absolutely right. When the content itself is a study of style you better make that shit look tight. and tight it looks.

Pat D.C.

Sir Monkey you seem to have some experience in what your talking about but bagging out Lambo’s work as disposable is a bit harsh, most design/motion work is disposable. Becuase its mainly about selling shit. Design doesn’t always have to have some deep/political meaning. Sometimes having fun and just making something look “rad” ain’t bad especially when it relates to the job… like maybe a channel that mainly plays old school tv shows.


Im a looser. I talk without any fukin’ sense about anything.
The true is that I make me a handjob wachin this commercials because Im the biggest asshole ever, and I wish this works are mine.

LA sucks but I sucks even more.

Sorry about.

Sir Monkey

Pat D.C., yes, agreed, you are totally right. There are MANY projects that just want pretty pictures, that is the problem and it becomes extremely disposable. But that does not mean you can’t go the extra mile and add some content to the pretty pictures, and no it does not have to be deep or political. :) So there are definitely two sides to the issue that Greg was talking about, I just happen to take sides with Greg stating that there is a so called, “west coast style”. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a style that some prefer and some do not prefer. In fact, places like Lambo are some of the busiest studios in LA!!!

Yussef, totally agree, Buck is just being typical Buck, they are super funny and twisted guys but can also bring content to the picture as well. That is where I disagreed with Greg, if he knew those guys and really knew their work, I highly doubt he would have included Buck in the whole “pop/80’s” category.

Fun topic Yussef & Pat!

Pat D.C.

:) you make some good points SirMonkey. I guess it’s going that extra mile which is always a bit tough.


Logan is so POP/80s
Prologue is so POP/80s
Brand New School is so POP/80s
Buck LA is so POP/80s
Stardust LA is so POP/80s
Transistor Studios is so POP/80s

Every place in LA is so POP/80s.
Thats ridiculous…Poor HATER..


There are more critics here than do-ers.
Most of the critics cant do shit.


I like the buck clip, don’t get me wrong. Nicely executed. And i understand it is for a tv show with this theme.

My comment was rather a general one on the L.A. design community. But as someone pointed out, with motiontheory you have a great exception.


Josefo… PROLOGUE IS POP 80s???? I would hardly say Kyle Cooper is Pop 80s! I might agree with the rest of the list.

Mr Face

All I’ve heard in this discussion (and troll smackdown, truth be told) is criticism of LA shops, but nobody has mentioned which are the more “content-driven” places in NY. One thing to keep in mind is the fact much of the work at LA places that are being scrutinized are in fact done on both coasts — places like Buck, Stardust, BNS, and Transistor (which, by the way is a rep for directors first and foremost).

I would say Psyop and Motion Theory have both been amongst the least trendy shops — and to some extent that’s to be commended. But on the other hand, if the zeitgeist is one of nostalgia for past design movements, doesn’t it make sense for advertising to reflect that? At any rate, take a look at the other work done by shops such as Stardust (the Windows XP and Nissan spots spring to mind). There’s a lot more going on than the reflections of vintage culture you seem to hate.

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