XYZ unleashes the Scooter Squad

I’m really, really late posting this one up. Still, if you haven’t already seen it, XYZ studios in Melbourne have finished a rebrand TVC for Sensis/Yellow.


Christened ‘Scooter Squad’, the TVC features a bunch of yellow wake-riding scooters doing the hard work in scoping out businesses. I don’t know about you, but I think a swarm of tiny scooter men is much more fun the an Internet search. Scientists should quit with the ‘curing diseases’ thing and get to making tiny men.

The spot has been featured all over the place, including Boards Mag, the upcoming Stash 27 and soon a feature on FXguide including a podcast. Its a pretty impressive accomplishment for a boutique studio like XYZ to produce something of this scale on a schedule of about 6 weeks including the shoot.
Check out the spot on their website



for a dying billion dollar industry (phonebooks), they sure did a good job at making a fresh piece to get some attention..

im still not going to open my yellow pages anytime soon though


Cool! These remind of the little pull cord toy motorcycles I had as a kid…


My 2 cents worth.

The first shot coming out of the computer is cool, however the rest of the pacing feels really out. The bikes feel really slow as though they’re moving through jelly. There’s not much drama to any of those bike shots. Not nearly as much as the audio would suggest anyway.

Because the speed of the plates defines the speed of the bikes I guess there’s no way to fix it.

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