Lux Provocateur

This new commercial by Bent Image Lab for Lux soap is a stop motion beauty, but there is another element of quality to it that I can’t really put my finger on. Mostly in the facial expressions, which leave me wondering how much of this is actually stop motion versus cg. If anyone has more info on how this was executed , I’d love to know. Great direction too. Notice the ‘acting’ of the main character when she first finds the soap and what it, umm, ‘does’ to her… haha. I was pretty impressed by the quality of it.

*edit* it seems that the face of the girl was actually shot live action, manipulated, and then tracked onto the face of the stop motion character. Pretty awesome. Thanks for the tip Dek

Bent is also responsible for the harrowdown hill video, and the spots.



The face is completely CGI, composited on the puppets.
Some informations and the concept sketches here:

I guess googling for every member of the crew would give more results, but I’m too lazy… :D


I love this clip.. so good.


So if you wanne be a slut you’re supposed to buy this soap or did I get something wrong?

I personally am not too amased about the art/work though it seems to be pretty good if you say so but the story almost sucks as much as the Axe-commercials.

I hate this sterotyical, sex-focused-crap. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but than I’d rather stay that way.


> So if you wanne be a slut you’re supposed to buy this soap or did I get something wrong?

That’s exactly what I wrote elsewhere…


I was at Bent while they were making this and the concept came from the ad agency in Brazil, wasn’t Bent’s idea, they were just executing it. Also, as stated, they comped live action video of the actress’ face onto the stop-motion puppet head, which was modeled in CG, and 3D “printed”.


i saw this on oxygen the other nite. freakin awesome!!!!


Shirak, when you say 3D “printed” , you mean rapid protoyping? If so, that is pretty cool. So for every frame they outputted with a rapid prototype mill/laser an actual head with that expression?

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