Taking a Ride on The Roller Coaster of Life


This new VW Touran ad is chock full of clever details and fun transitions. (I wish the people responsible for the Regal Cinemas roller coaster animation would have seen this before creating that abomination.) Conceptually, it’s similar to the Goldfrapp “Twist” video from a few years back, but being a commercial for a car and not a music video for a super-sexy diva, the Touran spot has a slightly different goal in mind.

The spot was directed by H5 with 3D work by Mikros Image for Agence V.

Thanks to Seth for the tip.

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yea.. thats a really cool spot.. nice find


And didn’t H5 do the Twist video too?


“And didn’t H5 do the Twist video too?”

Wow, I didn’t realize that. I feel cheated somehow.

Oh well, it was probably just the client saying to H5, “You remember that Goldfrapp video you guys did? Yeah, we want that. Except we don’t want it to be about sex. We want it to be about a minivan.”

And then, sighing heavily, H5 probably said, “Sure. No problem.”

Sometimes, that’s all you can do. :-)


Nice spot!

p.s. Those Regal Cinemas type spots are going to be the next hot thing. It’s only a matter of time. Something that awful is a goldmine for parody/hijacking


This is a fun spot.

But in all fairness to Regal Cinemas, they only paid for that horrible roller-coaster, the spot was built by Cinema Concepts.


fucking killer. love it..


I am so down. and the goldfrappe video is killer, I wish there was a better version around though.


yea david!! fuckin awesome man.. totally fucking killer dude, awesome dude, fuckin aye!!! fuck yea!!!

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