Kris Moyes, Expatriate and more


Kris Moyes’ latest video for Expatriate is a monochromatic playground of slow-mo fun. The piece is comprised of long, flowing black-and-white shots, each beautifully composed. Some of the shots seem a bit melodramatic, but for me this was counterbalanced by the band members’ often silly expressions. I guess it’s hard not to look funny at extremely high FPS.

We posted Kris’ previous video “Heart Made of Sound” on the Quickies bar (twice, actually), but it deserves a revisiting on the frontpage here. I e-mailed Kris about the process that went into creating the quick-cut montage madness, and he graciously responded with a little insight:

“The clip took 14 days to shoot and was all mapped out from the beginning. I notated the whole song and used that as my bible. The words and musical sections were divided equally allowing 7 days each. We were shooting about 25-30 words a day and working 9 hour days, (about 1 word every 15-20 minutes) which ended up being too much for my art director who pulled out halfway through. For the word section the more solid ideas were executed in the first few days allowing the others to ferment. Naturally there were a few that didn’t go exactly to plan so I had to treat them on a case to case basis. I think the results from the ones that needed lateral thinking are my favourites, especially “andâ€? which was spelled out of the laptop, external drive, wacom tablet and ipod speakers.”

Check out the rest of Kris Moyes’ excellent directorial work at his site.



interesting exercise. i may not be thinking laterally enough, but i don’t think it has that strong a concept.

Personally, I think Radiohead did it better.


speaking of doing it better… Bill Viola.

el Patron

Beautiful shots, but no idea at all. Just a highspeed cam, some fire, liquids etc. Sorry but it doesn´t cut it.


Wow, nice shots. But they are not such handsome guys so we have to stare to their faces for so long. And even it they were, I would prefer some hot chicks in bathing suits. Nicely done, but…

oh dios mio

I can not believe how seriously some ¨”directors” take themselves. It is slow motion video. La de fucking da!

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