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If you lurk around mograph or if you’ve been reading my inbox any time in the last month or so, you probably know that a group of industrious individuals has built the framework for the world’s first ever wiki dedicated to motion graphics.


A wiki, for those of you who are not yet tingling with excitement, is a hyperlinked body of knowledge that can be added to and edited by anyone. Wikipedia is like the wiki of all wikis, the big mama, the mothership, and its structure has been an inspiration for much of MographWiki.

So why are we doing this? I quote govinda on the mission of MographWiki:

To create a useful resource for and by the motion graphics community. It’ll include:

  • technical answers
  • style discussions
  • company bios
  • individual bios of key figures
  • links to tutorials
  • description of relevant software
  • description of relevant hardware
  • links to community sites
  • history

Like all wikis, MographWiki is only as good as its content. And its content is only as good as the community behind it. (That’s you.) Here are some ideas about how you can make MographWiki the best motion graphics resource in the universe:

  1. Add a bio for your company.
  2. Look up your favorite mograph term (mine’s the vaguely pornographic “stinger”). If an entry for it doesn’t exist, create one. If one exists, check the definition and edit it, if necessary.
  3. Been around for a while? Share some of your historical knowledge by creating an entry for an important individual or stylistic movement that impacted motion graphics in some way.
  4. Write about a trend you abhor.
  5. Write about a trend you adore.

If you’re not tingling with excitement by now, something is seriously wrong with your nervous system. I suggest laying off the barbiturates. For the rest of you, register, read the introduction and write like mad!

A slew of people have contributed to the birth and early life of MographWiki, but I want to give big props to Matt Kuebrich (yuppster) and Richard Powell (govinda) for really making this thing happen. Massive respect to Media Temple for the hosting as well.

About the author

Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



love it.


Goddam! You get grounded from playing with your friends for a month and you come back to find the kid across the street has grown a partial beard and started dating girls. Girls with actual breasts, no less.


Thanks so much for the posting, Justin. This is really gonna rock. Already like 50 new companies and freelancers. Everyone, come on, don’t be shy! I got categories for all of you!


I checked it out and added some stuff. It could be a bit addicting, if you lost track of time you could find yourself trying to sum up the entire industry. Right now it’s a bit sparse, the definitions are mostly one line links. That’s no fun.


very nice job.
someone write a search extension for mozila?:)


Great beginning, though I noticed nobody made an entry on the topic “Motion Grpahics” (same deal in wikipedia).. I typed a short 1-sentence lil something, hope the community will help expand that.


Ok, i got to get back to it !
I’ll finish the session i’M teaching right now and get back to it

Like Justin said we need your help! this is one of the best project i have worked on.


“style discussions.”

This cannot end well.

good lord

wow! I thought it would be impossilbe to have an idea even lamer than this very site, but i guess there is always room to ruing things even more. best of luck to you.


actually it’s not the “first ever wiki dedicated to motion graphics”. There has been an AE wiki out there for a couple of years at least. Don’t have the link right here in front of me… and it’s has mediocre participation anyway – but just trying to make sure credit is given where deserved, and not where it isn’t.


“actually it’s not the “first ever wiki dedicated to motion graphicsâ€?. There has been an AE wiki out there for a couple of years at least. Don’t have the link right here in front of me… and it’s has mediocre participation anyway – but just trying to make sure credit is given where deserved, and not where it isn’t.”

we are aware there are other software dedicated wikis out there, before we started building mographwiki. the idea for this wiki is to focus on companies and motion graphics, not just one piece of software (ie AE)…

and credit is due to mete_shop for adding lots and lots of companies…

keep up the good work team!

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