Digital Kitchen: Disco Holiday


Digital Kitchen whipped up this epically fun in-theater spot for Screenvision. It’s a smörgÃ¥sbord of animation styles, but it all fits together beautifully.

And nice job on the dancing. That’s all DK from the neck down, baby; the mouths belong to actors. Check out this photo for a little behind the scenes action from the folks at DK Chicago. That’s Mike Campobasso on the left and Anthony Vitagliano on the right.

Notice the tracking marks on Anthony’s face? Yeah, well I thought those were tattoos. Man, I’m such a n00b.

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dude, i never leave home without tracking points all over my face.


Sweet monkey love, that was great.

Mr. & Mrs. C

We enjoyed it tremendously!

erin sarofsky

congrats to jeff long and the rest of the chicago crew on this one…. has everyone seen they one they produced for haloween ? amazing stuff.

erin sarofsky

oh and, those are not tracking marks, ironically, there birth marks : )
keep the groove alive mike and anth.


For some reason I’m still not clear on, this was screened at my daughter’s preschool pajama party. As soon as the first singing head came on, three or four of the 50 or so kiddies immediately started screaming in abject terror. Most of the rest of them seemed puzzled, about a dozen were laughing their butts off.

I’d say the laughers are future designers, and the criers are most likely future clients.



Mike S.

I liked that movie alot, because it was cool and Mrs. C’s son was in it.

Kelly S.

I liked when they skated.


There are different spots for Halloween’s at DK website. Check that out, too~

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