Javier Garcia: Autobahn Polizei


This music video is burning up the interw3bs. It was homemade over the course of seven months by Javier García, the bassist of the Spanish modern jazz collective 12twelve for their track, “Autobahn Polizei.”

Originally spotted at videos.antville.org. Thanks to Philip Rogosky for the tip!

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thats well hypnotizing


I love the beginning of the video. That was way cool, sci-fi, bjorkish/simulacra kinda stuff I love. Great job on the modeling,texturing, lighting of that part of the vid.

The whole ball in a endless track was waaaaaaay boring though. Too bad!

Nice to see an artist make a MV for their own song!


i love the way you describe this piece as “home made” you make it sound like he made it out of cereal boxes and sticky tape!


homemade by a musician? holy shat!


well, if the whole jazz thing doesn’t work out for him…


podria dir-ho en angles pero, no. es la primera peça que faig i he de dir que aneu molt de guais!….m´agadaria veure-us intentant tocar un contrabaix, palurdos!

Deocliciano Oksipin

Man, thats free Jazz, not modern Jazz.
Check Albert Ayler.
And a great work.


javi – if i read right, you’re saying that it was the first piece you ever did, and that you had a whole bunch of difficulties to solve. if your second comment means “i’d like to see what you yokels would fare with a stand-up bass” i believe you might be misunderstanding the previous comments here: i think everyone thought your piece was pretty amazing, and that you haev a rosy future in cg if some day jazz no longer brings home the bacon.


oops: “… how you yokels would fare… “

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