Mr. Todd Sines (+ SCALE) tipped us off to the excellent work of Hush. The showreel is packed with polish and the Nike work is dead sexy. I can’t wait to see more.

Oh, and don’t miss + SCALE’s new MTV Los Premios work. Tasty typography. Candy-colored 3D shapes. I’m getting hungry.

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I must be blind or stupid or a combination of both, but where is the Hush reel?
That image is sexay!


Just click on “Work” and the reel should start playing.


polished work indeed. excellent and diverse.

not sure about the italic menu text. and seems awkward below the logotype.

interesting soundtrack tho, cool to see people sound designing more.


My mistake, flash player on this mac hasn’t been updated.
Nice work!

hmmm mmmm

They took down their montage… i wonder why

hmmm mmmm

companies shouldnt post work that they just did a little bit of compositing on.

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