Make Me Human

Make Meâ„¢ is the personal portfolio of Art Director and Designer Bryan Lee, who made his directorial debut with The Format music video that was linked up here earlier this year. His new reel and current work is now online here.



wow!!!! amazing work!!! wish I was this talented…..this guy is totally amazing!!!!


anyone recognize the song on his reel-?


really really cool work!

“make me human” is weak tho….. let me see:
“work-for-design” “design-for-food” “i-work-for-them”
“give-me-work-dot-com” “buy-me-dot-com”

ummm, this treand is kind of old now….. but the work is stirling!!! great job brian!!

LA people

I think makeme is a brilliant name……how can you compare to work-for-design or design-for-food. ummmm, having a strong indentity is a trend? since ummmmm the beginning of civilization?……hahaha…… keep up the good work brian~


great guy, great work, way to go brian.


Massashi Hosono

Amazing!!! Intelligent and inspiring.


Yooo man!! long time no see. and we ended up being neighbors here haha. Amazing work man, as always…solid.





Thank You for all of your comments! I recently have recieved a lot of emails concerning the track on my reel. The artist is Wise N’ Sonpub and the track is called “Momento”. A Japanese hip hop duo that recently joined up forming the group called Teriyaki Boyz. You may have to buy the album from Japan since it’s where I bought it from.

Thanks Again,


man you are great, but how to watch your work sapretly
from the website


wow, you are the coolest guy on earth, like Paul Rand, only better. Your generic motion graphicy design pops out, add the BNS rainbow overlay for added gloss and you have a master reel. get some hot animators to make it come to life and bob’s your uncle, a reel. wow, i ought to figure out this motion graphics thing.

cool reel, you should be on the indivdual’s list. your work is a true inspiration. the level of concept especialy in this reel is second to non. i advise schools to use this a a foundation example on concept development.

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