Fuel Builds a Robot World for Sony


Okay, we’ve all seen several videos of robots wandering around urban landscapes, but this Sony spot from Fuel directed by Sydney Film Company‘s Josh Baker actually has a fairly nice concept behind it. Fuel’s Ben Kovar is the artist behind the robot design, blending an AIBO-ish likability with an industrial era melancholy that works really well for the spot’s message.

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Hope Dies

becoming human…?
interesting approach
a little pretentious this manifesto of a better day…


im pretty sure those robots would have a lot cooler gadgets built into them than that sony crap. And who says robots won’t be able to feel anything? garbage ad.

Deocliciano Oksipin

This sucks.
Not the company that made the ad. But Sony.
They started to looks like Microsoft, big money but short on ideas.

Pat D.C.

Hey do you guys think Sony thinks of these ideas? Its the ad agency which thinks up this type of concept, sony approves it and signs the cheques and then its passed on to a production house to make it look spiffy. Which Fuel and Josh Baker have defintly done, congrats on a nice “motion” job.


any1 notice the “J Bkr1” signage on the train as it entered left to right.

been seeing this on tv a bit here in Singapore, i didn’t know people shared the same sentiment; nice execution but the proposition that using a Sony device ‘frees’ you falls flat and leaves a bitter after-taste for me.

Don Ericsson

Obviously not much there to work with scriptwise… but seems as though the posthouse and director have done amazingly. Well done people. Cant wait to see the next Josh/Fuel collaboration.


Does anybody know the name/artist of the soundtrack that was used for this piece?


It was an original piece done especially for it by a Singapore company called Drum.

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