Koichiro Tsujikawa for Cornelius

Director Koichiro Tsujikawa has outdone himself with “Fit Song” for Cornelius. It’s a mesmerizing manipulation of everyday objects that has me completely baffled about its making. I’m going to try finding out a little more about the process behind the piece, but for now, check out this article on Heavy Backpack for a nice catalog of Koichiro’s recent work.

Big thanks to Eric Edwards for the tip.

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that is awesome!!!

one of the freshest videos i have seen in a long time, makes you grin!

:-) great 3d work, i love the boxes/packaging exploding out.

Deocliciano Oksipin

And Cornelius back!


Is there a good quality quicktime of this video anywhere?

Simon Robson

brilliant, perfect for Cornelius. Well done! I can imagine 1000 advertising execs salivating right now. Let’s hope when a commercial in the same style inevitably comes out, it’s done by the same director and isn’t a rip-off by someone else.

Pat D.C.

This is flat-out brilliant. Great music video.


I can see this becoming an apple ad sometime in the future.

Any word on how the #$%@ this was done? Making of please?


Didn’t he just shoot the house and have a 3d artist do a bunch of 3d objects?

Alex Olea

I really liked it. Even if the quality is low, it looks very well integrated, the camera track has very good accuaracy, and I liked a lot the materials.

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