Transistor’s James Price Makes Me Believe That AOL Might Actually Be A Nice Experience


Transistor Studios’ James Price did something impossible: He made AOL appear to be elegant and well-designed. Okay okay, maybe AOL’s not that bad anymore; the days of “You’ve got mail” are long behind us, I hope, and James has created an engaging visual experience to convince us that things are different. Semi-transparent graphics, fluid transitions and well-directed talent all blend together perfectly in this neat little package.

Conceptually, it’s similar to the HP “Hands” campaign, insofar as both spots use a kind of time-based collage method to show the flexibility of their products, but this piece’s interface-centric approach puts the emphasis on concrete user experience where the “Hands” spots tend more towards a metaphoric (or at least symbolic) spin on what you can do with HP’s technology. (I’m not arguing for one or the other, I’m just blabbering.)

Watch AOL “Omnibus”

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Looks a bit like the hp-hands spots. Not my cup of tea.

Adam B

Indeed it is similar to the HP spots but this one has a different feel to an extent. I guess it felt almost homely while watching this. The part that really makes it for me is the small quick transitions of different screens as they flip by.

Pedro Favali

Simple-Good Ideas make a Great Jobs!


Hello and thumbs up from your homeland, james..
Swinny doesn’t deserve an alumnus like you.


Cute little spot, but not cute enough to make me switch back. Ever again. Unless they… No, never.


I like it but for me its just too close to the HP spots.

joe b

Who cares! Great execution


Yeah.. I agree looks fine but feels like a rip off from the HP adds. It seems that James Price run out of ideas


He already ripped off’s music anthem for his coke spot and those talking tits he did have been done previously in a music video by rokkit’s jaron albertin.

Mr. R. William Taylor of Havelock, Quebec

I tell ya the dog is the best part of that spot! I think we found the replacement for the ageing Air Bud. Anyone know who represents that wonderful animal?

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