The Ebeling Group’s Tennant for HP’s Halo


So apparently HP has whipped up some new fancy-pants video conferencing technology called “Halo.” I was a little disappointed to discover it’s not a first-person shooter approach to video chat, but it does look neat.

Personally, I’m more interested in the series of six promotional videos created by Tennant (with The Ebeling Group) that run on two side-by-side HD displays in the Halo demo suites of HP’s offices. Each video plays with the ideas of communication, synchronization and productivity. But these aren’t staid corporate marketing concoctions of buzzwords floating against ethereal graphic beds; they are strange, whimsical, character-driven animations that show HP is honestly trying to do something different (at least with their promotional materials).

They’re a little on the small side, but they’re worth checking out:

Watch “Butterflies”
Watch “Floating People”
Watch “One Big Here”
Watch “Pogo”
Watch “Speechbubbles Body Langauge”
Watch “Speechbubbles Sidebars”
Watch “Stretch”

Or watch them all here on Ebeling’s site.

Audio by johnnyrandom.

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Great work… I really like these. So NOT corporate, which is awesome, yet they still very effectively and simply communicate the message. Why can’t more companies take this approach? And the pieces are so friendly and inviting…. ok I’ll stop gushing now.


the ‘butterflies’ spot is available on chris smith’s site for sweet higher res viewing.

and congrats to chris on being motionographer-ed. you really did it mister.


you can see them all here in place…

who did the sound design?


a company called ALICE’S HOUSE did the sound design, but that’s about all i know. a buddy of mine works for HP and said they did the sound design for all of the spots.

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