Brand New School, Jeep

BNS Jeep
Brand New School is quickly becoming THE force to be reckoned with by continuing to pump out super-slick spots. The latest ad for Jeep, through BBDO Detroit, gives BNS an opportunity to display its prowess with character animation. Check it out.

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Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



when did bns get their act together so well??


Remeber high schoool there was that girl you never really noticed then over the summer she got tits and contact lenses and everyone went back to school tripping over eachother’s hard-ons for a chance to talk to her and maybe perhaps nail her under the bleachers.
That’s BNS.

Titties in ya face, bitch!


Haha… funny Duder! Funny cuz its true.


right on. graduates


Yes that’s very good bns. Congrats.

Suddenly they seem ahead of all the others (Psyop, Stardust, etc…)

Simon Robson

since when did creative work become so competitive?


Sorry, what i meant is, suddenly they seem to have much better animators than the others. Looking back at the latest releases of their competitors i noticed the animation to be much less professional and technically pleasing than bns’ stuff.

It's called being selective

“when did bns get their act together so well??”

Probably since they stopped putting (almost) every piece of work on their website. Now what you see of their output is only the high profile pieces that they want seen. Not that that’s a bad idea.
The piece is great though. Very nicely done.
God, I hate 3D.


looks a bit like the feature film “robots”? that one cool scene specifically that he is attracting every piece of metal onto him? i think even the lighting and overall mood looks like that release, albeit it is great work!


Anyone know what package they used? Are they still using Max or am I late and confused?

Better than Psyop, nah.




It’s silly to try and qualify a difference between leading studios. It’s all personal taste at this point. Especially since their projects are usually worked on by different teams.

The spot is excellent. Titties in yo face!


Tits indeed


“suddenly they seem to have much better animators than the others.”

smaller studios with proximity to LA and NYC do really well, with catching people off larger studios freelancers boom and bust. most good senior animators float between feature projects, and thus studios. what do you do in between features? recharge your soul at a smaller, cooler place, like BNS.


sorry also meant to throw in; good animating on this spot :)


man you guys are way overthinking this whole thing. go into conceptual Art. its way more critical and cliquish.


‘duder’ great post. Cool spot, good on bns. been on a streak with jeep/ipod shuffle/jeep stuff

Tits indeed!


Where the f*ck is the BNS logo?
You managed to put some of your names on the street signs and have highway 69.

But you couldnt manage to slip in the BNS logo we have all grown to love in your spots in a commercial filled with street signs and debri flying around?

Somethings fishy here…

My favorite thing is the transparent pink xray pass of the shopping cart that sticks itself into the back of the characters foot



agency creative’s brain:

katamari + citreon spot = NEW IDEA! YAY!!


bns logo is in shot 7, behind the robot’s back with the ‘i voted for nader’ sign
thank you


and for another special message look at the license plate …


woooooooooooooooooooow.. now that is an awesome spot… BNS well done….

posted by adam: “when did bns get their act together so well??”

i think when they got rid of those four color rainbow overlay designers that did photoshop candy for storyboards and started actualy doing real design: which is solving a problem given by the client. i think we all know who they are….

rock on BNS!!!!!!!!


I heard that the founder of bns stepped down and gave others more responsibility and thus much better work now.


viva bns!


Yay, that was great! It’s spots like these that make me scroll through them frame by frame to pick up on all the subtleties. :P


Check out some of the hidden talent behind this ( and many other ) commercials/films/games out there… these guys truly rock! Listed as “Previz” on the BNS jeep credits…

The Third Floor Studio


On a roll…

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