Give the VW Phaeton a Hand

This is one of those great examples of a client essentially underwriting a short film in exchange for an end-tag and a product shot. As an ad, it’s probably not that effective. And that’s one of my favorite things about it.

Agency: Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Ralf Heuel, Ralf Nolting
Art Director: Christoph Stricker
Copywriter: Paul von Muehlendahl
Production Company: Deli pictures postproduction
Director: Michael Reissinger
Flame artist: Melissa Panek
Music: Beatsucht, Florian Lakenmacher, David Paulicke

Thanks to Giles Barlett for the tip!

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I love it, one of most interesting/different and cooler add i have seen in MG as of late. Thanks for posting it justin.

To note that the VW Phaeton is an excellent car as well!

Simon Robson

‘Gripping’ stuff. ‘Held’ my attention throughout. Obviously the crew ‘knuckled’ down to some hard work. Hope fully will be nominated for a ‘Palm’ D’Or at Cannes. Everyone involved deserves a well deserved ‘slap’ on the back! (I could go on…)


nice “hand”job.


Nice post. That was a lot of fun to watch. I disagree and think that an ad like this is effective. It may not have a specific message about the product but it is effective as a branding piece. If you air a bunch of these kind of ads people start having a positive attitude toward VW as a company.


I hope this is the direction all commercials are going. If they are I’m going to start sitting through them when watching tv and go for popcorn during the show.

Deocliciano Oksipin

Very inventive.


That was beautiful.


one of the best creative new and different spots I’ve seen in a while! i even clapped in the end! :)


I agree with Alex on this one, it works well at conveying the ‘brand’ VW as a friendly and approachable company. That being said, the spot itself it wonderful and one of the better things I’ve seen recently.


This spot was only a matter of time. Shadow Puppes were ripe for the taking and they did an outstanding job.


That was lovely. I want to know why they can’t make good clean commercials like that today. I am sure they would sell more products with clean commercials than they would with they filth that they have on television today. Families need to see art, good music, and talent and imagination like this. Bravo.


Once you’ve seen it 50+ times you’ll think it’s just another stupid ad, which it is.

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