Brand New School Adds More Target Work


Brand New School has added a few more excellent videos to their popup-themed Target campaign since the last time we posted.

Thanks to Aaron Schurman for the tip!

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props.. I really like the “DVD” piece.

That target tagline sure seems nihilist if you add a question mark.. “What matters?”


Very cool. Cut paper 2007 = 3d Ribbons 2006 = Flourishes 2005?


Marc Macaulay Likes Brand New School


Finally a company that is now treating their creatives well and giving individual credit. No wonder they are doing sooooooo good…life is good.


true jeremy. most companies are too insecure about saying who’s doing what. usually the owner(s) wants to be credited, or credit their relatives, landlords, etc… despite, sometimes, not having had any creative influence. i think things will change in a couple of years. BNS is one the studios setting the example.


“Finally a company that is now treating their creatives well and giving individual credit”

BNS has been crediting their freelancers since 6 years ago…


nice execution. but unoriginal concept. fox sports did pop-up last year.


woah, s_slade
u must be a jaded fucker from
why dont u do something ‘original’ yourself or start a BRAND NEW SCHOOL company?

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