Wow! That’s pretty …

bmw_glassworks.jpgWarren Du- Preez and Nick Thornton Jones of Wanted Films direct this stunningly trippy spot for BMW that is full of amazing visual moments. Lasers, rainbows, and nebulas, oh my! The spot combines some in-camera effects and digital post-production by Glassworks.
Car commercials sure are getting weird. I love it.



I wish BMW would stop resolving to their logo inside the white square that looks like they downloaded it from and stuck it in there.


Hmm, i don’t know. Very similiar to what pleix did for pontiac. At least the same “light” concept.


I totally second John. That looks weird.
As for the ad, pretty, but ‘meh’.


its not really related but does anybody knows who made the music in the Syndrome studio new reel?
i just fell inlove with it!!


might have been shakira


i agree with the first comment, the logo resolve totally fucks it. looks like it was slung on in power point.
some nice in camera stuff though!


richard baily meets 70s disco.


It looks nice, but it reminds me of a media player visualisation.



thought the music was nice too…

i’m gonna spend some time trying to figure out some of that stuff…


Eh, not so impressive. Looks like someone was having fun with a new Kai’s Plugin.


… but conceptually, it’s good. A single concept: “see how it feels”.

Now that begs for submissions from different firms, wouldn’t you think? How would other firms treat the concept?

the doctor

i liked it. white square logo is cheap though.


Just wanna challenge the logo comments a bit here… Yeah, in and of itself there is nothing impressive going on, but why does every logo resolve have to be it’s own big production? A big, swirly, fancy logo resolve seems to be the convention at the moment.

the doctor

i think people are referring more to the design of the logo, not the animation. i prefer simple logo resolves too.

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