Transistor makes some shapes.

I love 100 ft. tall robots crashing through cities as much as the next guy, but sometimes the old eyeballs want something more graphic. Transistor recently completed an all-new rebrand of MTV PRIME, with simple, boldly colored shapes animating on and off screen – creating a retro-futuristic world of delicious eye-candy. What I like best about these pieces is that they’re energetic, adventurous and upbeat – they’re a way to get information on the screen, but somehow they become more about shape and pattern, color and contrast. Each night has a different look and color palette, but they all form a cohesive package that gives the channel a distinctive, fresh look. James Price directed the pieces, with animation and design credited to by Jack Myers, Mitch Paone, Daniel Oeffinger, Tonya Smay and Chad Colby. Tasty.