Will Campbell and Anh Vu: The Lemon Tree


Will Campbell and Anh Vu, two SCAD students graduating from the Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics program this spring, were given Student of the Year awards at Inspire—and for good reason. Independently, they’ve both created amazing work, but they also co-directed a lush, lyric short film, “The Lemon Tree,” that’s definitely worth watching.

Both Will and Anh have bright futures ahead. Keep your eye on them. All you other students out there, please send your work to submit@motionographer.com. I don’t want to seem partial to SCAD (although I’m obviously biased); I just happen to see a lot of work that the students here create.

Watch “The Lemon Tree” | Visit “The Lemon Tree” Site

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Simon Robson

managed to view the first 10 secs or so. Then it stalled. Now it won’t load at all. Is there a QuickTime? It looked great so i’d love to see the rest…

Jacob Lewis

Yeah, it stalled on my computer as well. If you go to Will’s personal site, you can view it there.


We’re mirroring the video now. I just updated the post with the new links.

Thanks, guys.


I really like this piece. If you ever decide to revamp it for something, the number one thing I suggest you change is the VO track. I understand it’s supposed to be heard from an old recording device, but the mix is way too lopsided toward the music track. I had to watch twice to hear everything. The VO actor was also reading too fast – and may have been cast wrong. Basically the VO was my least favorite part of the piece. Beyond that, this is some great work, the texturing is very awesome, present enough that it leaves an impression on the mood of each scene, but subtle enough that you look at the frame as a whole instead of being distracted by it, which happens often when people try to use still textures. bravo, peoples.


I love seeing pieces like this (and that screenwash a few days ago!) that gets you excited all over again for this stuff… It’s easy to get jaded from looking at to much work and it’s nice to see something that is technically great but also lo fi and personal.



yeah it’s beautiful. but why does the girls have to be half naked?


Yeah, why isn’t she totally naked? ;-)


/\well its not even a real women anyways.


Yes, she is real ;-)


told you paulo


great work on both of their sites as well.

E rice

Hey don’t forget about Zack LaPlant


@seth: lol. I always thought she was real, i was convinced otherwise during our deep analysis of the project.

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