The PSST! 2 films are now online. There are nine films, made over a 4 month stretch by 27 different teams with over 70 people – working in 12 different cities in 5 countries. Each film is comprised of three sections produced by three different teams. For this round, each team got six weeks on the schedule – with one week of overlap between each consecutive team. Each beginning team had an open brief – to create whatever they wanted, which the following teams then elaborated on and expanded …

PSST! collaborators this time out include Aaron Stewart, Buck, loyalkaspar, National Television, James Price, Saiman Chow, DSTRUKT, Le Pivot, Freestyle Collective, Honest, Athletics, DEMO, Mateuniverse, PetPunk, Alan Bibby, Doug Purver, Jonathan Cannon, Dennis Go, John Leamy, Joe Vaccarino, Ted Kostaftis, Josh Goodrich, Emmett Dzieza, Kim Dulaney, Noah Conopask, Brian Gossett, Stephen Kelleher, David Lewandowski, JJ Walker, Maithy Tran, Radical Friend, Ted Gore, Chris Smith, Ron Winter, Joel Pickard, Chris Wei and many many more …



many many many many many more.



Omg, those are amazing. Utterly amazing,

Rob Wolf

Anyone know how they did that segment of overlapping colors at the beginning? Is that an After Effects plugin?



That still graphic of all the bubbles merged into one frame is fab.


Kudos to everyone involved. I am stoked that my mom and dad can see these now!

marcelo garcia

congratulations guys! really great stuff!


this is brilliant


I’ve been waiting for this. What a great concept


Yes, really nice stuff!!!! There were only 1 or 2 that i found weak like the one by jan mathias steinfort. But otherwise i’m really surprised to see so many good little films.

jonny no-cash

everything looks the same. a bunch of stop-motion quirky characters moving pointlessly in a 80s style lo-fi aesthetic.




Amazing project and a really beautiful initiative.
Congrats to everyone who made part of it. All the pieces Rock.



those guys…
f****** awesome…
oh i can’t sleep.


Lovely pieces, kudos to all!
Altough its funny to see people like saiman chow riding on the trendy stopmotion-animation wagon. Its like the new lensflares.


do you guys understand that using stop motion is just as much a TOOL as using a 3d application? meaning: something made with a given tool has a certain identifiable character lent to it by the process. belittling stop motion, the oldest tool we got in the shed is just petty.

and saimon chow was one of the forerunners of using stopmo in recent mograph history. did you not see the hello kitty animations he did years back?


Bravo guys… really fresh work!!


Who cares where it is on the timeline of animation. That doesn’t validate anything. It was overused.

There were a lot of stand outs for me but overall I was a little let down.


Yussef, it is clear you have no idea about stop motion. firstly, Saimon has not done a lot of stop motion, he is still learning, and secondly most of that work is acutaly done by stop motion artists. If you want to know whats been going on in the stop motion world, start off with PES. just spend 3min after that on google looking for stop motion directors, then come back to post a comment. you are abviusly a chow fan… but lets not get carried away son.


by the way, most of the work on this round of pass it on is good.
it is cool that Bran is getting all of this together… thats really cool.


Cool stuff. I really loved the Noah Conopask, Ted Gore and Matt Trag ones a lot. A lot of good ones but these were really inspiring to me.

david lewandowski

yeah, ted gore is a fucking wizard!!!


People sure have different taste when it comes to style.



are the ones I liked.

They seemed to tell a story and had the most effort of continuity between the 3 different parts per piece.

Great music and sound design on most of these as well.

Can’t wait for the next one!


good job tha-don, seriously. you searched on google for 3 mins to not find this clip i found in 30 seconds?

Jacob Lewis

they make me happy.


WOW DON… you got it all figured out! and with a “hip-hop” delivery to boot! You must have slamming street credentials dog.


assynipple, i want to be just like you when i grow up.
a lot of this stuff is nice, but i noticed a lot of recycled elements from stuff those people have used over and over and over again. Tread’s for example has that blobby thing from the spec Nike thingie, just copy and paste, but i guess people are busy and need to save time by just throwing stuff they have used a gazzilion times over. i didnt even need to read the name on the clip of 80% of them to know who did them… just recycling stuff.


Ted let me borrow the gelatinous birth blob before and it got my hands all clammy. I assure you my friend this blob in his new piece was shot practically, drip by drip, made from the tears of virgins.


Ted gore piece reminds me of a windows vista ad. And what’s up with that shine-plugin? Dont like it, but we have different tastes i guess.
Nevertheless i’m not against recycling things when it comes to such projects where they didn’t receive any money. And if he reused it from a spec or a pitch, where it’s common to sometimes reuse things that didn’t get produced, why not.


you guys will find anything to bust on, won’t you? Why am I the topic of hot debate with this project? There are plenty of other people involved that did a way better job than I did.

For the record, I didn’t do the shine, that was the next guy.


Tread, your spot was rad, one of my favs. These are the same guys who critique their own handjobs. Jealousy is a terrible thing :) Kudos to all involved!!!

Anthony Vitagliano

I just want to give a shout to Bran and the crew at growdesignwork for putting this thing together again. We had a lot of fun working on it and it requires a ton of effort on his part. 3 cheers for psst! hip hip hooray!


“For the record, I didn’t do the shine, that was the next guy.”

Sorry Tread! :)


ya thanks to bran for making this project happen!


Bran is to motion graphics what Fonzie was to Al’s Diner.

earl Jr.

you guys have outdone last year’s Psst! (as I pronounce it as pist). Heat!!

the mayor

As far as the sophomoric stop motion piece, It was horrific live action with a bad dv camera. the eggs were amateur marionettes and saiman was only the arms and leg guy who would just show up 3 hours late, drink all my beer, and eat cup noodles. But, just to show how far saiman’s stopmotion has come, here is an early test he did while a teenager in Hong Kong…


originaly written by Tread: “Why am I the topic of hot debate with this project….”

wow, sun shines outa yo ass hey? dont flatter yourself man. You are not the center of the convo geez take a “down to earth” pill will ya?

Tha-don is right about recycled stuff tho. i noticed lots of recycled garbage just thrown in becuase for some reason the people who made them still have a hard on for the stuff and think its genius.
and you re-use stuff when u dont have time, not on an invited peice thats meant to give you freedom to explore the bounds of your creativity… make sense?


3M now you work at Triple A? Something tells me you are good friends with THA-DON too?

Seems like you have the same “wannabe” writing style to me. Hmmm interesting…

Could be coincidence.


I get much enjoyment out of these little pieces. Not sure why people are e-arguing, but if you don’t enjoy these people’s work, don’t bother watching it.

If you watch enough of someone’s work to realize they reused it ‘a million times’ you must have an obsession with the artist, so why so much hate on them?

And here’s to hoping for a 3rd one.


i think i have a fan. but assynipple get a life, talking about writing styles? you are like those guys who decifer hand writings from kidnappers, or better yet those people who talk to animals telepathically and solve CSI crimes.
brett, if you have a good memory you usually remember things, thats how it works, in case you were wondering.
aaa, make sure you wash your hands before typing my name on your keyboard.


Attempts to hijack this thread aside (yawwwwwwwwwwn) – really great work from everyone! Yes hopefully the 3rd Pass It On will expand to incorporate even more peeps. Big up your bad selves!


Great job everyone! I don’t see what the point is to bash people that reuse elements? It’s tough working a lot in the day and doing side work such as pass it on. It is rewarding, but hard to get done.


I bet even if some of you went blind you still post. Instead of learning braille like you should be.

learn braille.

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