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Last week I posted Flight404, the work of Robert Hodgin, who uses Processing to create particle systems that respond to music. This week, I’m posting a new project from Universal Everything for Audi. I’m not sure if UE’s spot was created with Processing, but like Robert’s stuff, it uses algorithmically generated imagery to create beautiful, organic animation. It’s a nice example of the practical application of what might otherwise be an artform relegated to dance clubs and iTunes visualizations. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


UE’s Matt Pyke concepted and art-directed the Audi spot, with programming handled by Karsten Schmidt.

UPDATES: This piece was commissioned by The One Centre for an HD installation component of the Inaugural Audi Art Prize, which will take place at the MCA in Sydney in April.

The excellent soundtrack was created by Sameer Sengupta of poxymusic based in Sydney. And as I suspected, Processing was the programming language of choice.

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Hey Justin

Thanks for ammending the info on this.
We’re well chuffed with all the work Matt and the guys at UE have done on this and its had an amzing response both here in Australia and overseas.



Hey Justin, thanks for the plug! :) Just FYI. A short making-of video is now posted too here

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