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Vitamin has posted a fantastic new reel. As noteworthy as the work is the clever interplay between the audio and the visuals. It makes for a wonderfully semi-narrative experience that”s a refreshing change of pace from the more traditional thump-cut-thump-cut approach.

Props to our old friend Shaun Collings for the tip.

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Wow. This stuff amazes me. I think I’m so awestruck by these reels because I’m trying to compare the work I do in one week to what they’re doing in a month or two. Nevertheless, it’s grade A!


May I inquire as to how they get that audio effect applied to the narrators voice, sounding like it’s from old films? How does one reproduce that?


You can overlay the sound of a turntable needle on a dusty record. Additionally, you can treat the audio file by knocking out the highs and the lows which will give it that flat, stale old sound. (or audio from a phone line sound)

But my guess is that these guys actually found an old record that had this audio on it. And it is awesome, along with the work.


Wow…great stuff in there.
One thing to do to get that voice is to filter out certain ranges of frequencies of the voice and add noise.
Although in their place I would either put in the noise throughout the piece, or remove it completely, cause you can hear when the “recording” cuts out or comes back in.

I think they used an old school original VO from somewhere…which is cool

check out for stuff like that



What Yussef said…
thats what you get when you take way too long to type in your comments :-)

Paul Ducco

very nice indeed.

oscar mar

:O — my face after watching it. Very strong work every sec.

and I´m glad the comments are back.


I have to say I adored the VO and the way it molded into the visuals like hot lava. However, I keep my real praise for the indents, which are overflowing with some sweet 70’s TV vibes…


Absolutely spectacular presentation of that montage…wow!


Thanks Yussef and KGB, I’ll try that out on some audio asap.

Does this effect have a name?


you can get the voice to sound that way with a reel to reel that uses tubes


wasn’t quite sure where to put this, since it relates to both the vitamin reel and the new digital kitchen reel on the quickies… but i thought it was interesting that dk used spot audio in their reel rather than an outside music track. i’m a big fan of good sound design and would love to see if people start using a combo of overall music track plus sound matching visuals (vo like vitamin or touches of foley type sound cues).


Wow! That was nice. Had to watch it with the sound off the first time (no headphones) and it still blew me away.

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