Kosinski – Saab

Director Joseph Kosinski is back with the prowess of his definable style in this super slick ad for SAAB. There’s just something about his 3d work that always seems to stand on it’s own, but I can’t ever seem to pin point it. The scene of the car moving through the forest is just magic, those trees are fantastic. Take a look.

Thanks to Seth for the excellent tipage. 



Nice and clean, but I don’t really get it.


But the woman should have been more A woman, not a peace of cake.


It was nice, but there is something gross about hearing Nina Simone’s plaintive lament being used for a car commercial. It’s like desecration.


the genius is back


Joseph is a skilled artist. Beautifully done.


WOW. I dig it very much. Very clean and mysterious feel to it. Nice job.


what in the hell was that robotic dog doing in there?


wow. so smooth. I consider myself a fanboy.


Nice work.. Reminds me a lot of the Bjork “All is Full of Love” video…


What’s this song name?


Beautiful, I love it but “what the hell was that robotic dog doing in there?” perhaps to convey a greater sense of futuristic robotic domestication. haha an odd choice. Although Im a huge fan of this director.

Joe Clay

@ kmfix, you’re kidding, right?

Björk’s video actually (somehow) makes sense. This doesn’t. At all. And I second the robotic dog query. What the hell is that in there for. This spot looks cool and all, but I’d never even think to compare this with a Björk video.


I think it makes plenty of sense. Every element is there to reinforce the idea of otherworldly luxury and extravagance. so it makes sense that it looks ‘cool’. the look IS the concept, in this case especially.


It would be nice to feel even more tension with the woman waiting.

But I really love the shot of her head flipped over and the next edit of the cam rotating above the car…Sweet visual connection between the yearning / daydreaming of the woman and the voyage home of “someone”… That moment of disorientation is a very effective.

It seems saab is going for “PURE STATUS” with this one. Although I think of saab as a smart mom’s car- it isnt a “porsche”. If I had the house, the mies, the babe, the robot dog???. I wouldn’t have a saab.

I would have the GT40 !!!!!!…now that’s a bad ass have everything kind of car… HAHA


Marc B.

That is a spec by the way.

Speedlabs did a great job with the cg. But i too agree that some of kosinski’s choices aren’t the best. Especially the robodog and the way the camera goes underneath the ice to follow the seals. I’ve seen at least two other popular car commercials with this idea/ fx.
In a spec-case usually the director makes these decisions, that’s why i’m a little disappointed with some of these and the overall concept. Though i’m impressed by speedlabs’ technical work on this.



Does anybody know the name of the song of the commercial?



This was a spec? Are you sure about that? Also did you mean KD lab not Speedlab right? Joseph doesnt work with KD lab as far as I know. I think he directed all the CG and probably worked on much of it himself with mybe some modelling help.
As far as the song I think its from the Nina Simone remixed and re-imagined compilation.


I see it was speedshapenot speedlab or KDlab.
and it looks like the song was remixed by a Jeffery Kosinski perhaps Josephs brother.


Marc B.

Uh, sorry my bad. Speedshape, not -labs. They did the post/ cg for this. But yes it’s a spec. That’s why i’m impressed by speedshapes work.


i have been following kosinski since his days of kdlab. everything he has done has been outstanding.

the part that does it for is the scene driving through the trees. the illumination of the snow by the headlights is perfect. i do agree the cut scene from under water to atop the ice was pretty shotty. and i think the dog is there for reasons already mention, but also to humanize the spot a bit. the dog pops its head up when the car drives in, almost to say this may be the future, but things still behave like they used to, just better.

the reflection is killer. always something hard to do.

i think what exists through out kosinskis imagery is an incredibly high contrast, everything is simultaneously distinct but homogenous through the exaggerated contrast.


the song is called Blackbird from Mocean Worker album Enter the Mowo!


Thanx Mate!

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