Adobe CS3 Product Tours Redux

There’s always more to a project than meets the eye. I recently made a post about how motion graphics is used in product tours, with emphasis on some of the new Adobe CS3 promos. As Elastic Creative explains on their site, all the assets for the tours were provided by Adobe; it was Elastic’s job to animate them in some meaningful way.


Probing minds may ask, “Well, where did those assets come from?” The answer: UVPHACTORY. UVPH designed, shot and animated all of the elements seen in the product tour as part of the wider product launch by Adobe. All the Adobe demo artists will be using our files as they push CS3 throughout the world.

If you check out the second Quicktime on the UVPH project page, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the whole process of creating the CS3 media assets.

So okay, why am I posting this? It’s not motion graphics, per se. It’s not even really an end-product. And that’s what I find fascinating. UVPH was essentially charged with creating the atomic structure of a huge campaign of product tours and demos without really knowing how everything would be used. It’s like they had to create the primordial ooze from which all these other lifeforms evolve. And I think that’s neat.

EDIT:Well, as I said, there’s always more to this stuff than meets the eye. I recently received a helpful email from an insider from Adobe involved with this project:

Yes, we did provide all the source assets but UVPH only provided a portion of the assets used in the product tours. They did not provide “all of the elementsâ€?. They only developed the “Aquoâ€? commercial which was used extensively in the Production Premium product tour. One of the there tour animation.

UVPH did not create the look and feel for the fictitious Aquo brand. It’s much more complicated than that. We developed the brand identity with colors, patterns, look and feel with a design studio which consists of creating extensive live assets such as a magazine/catalog with photos and illustrations. These are the assets you see throughout the Design Premium product tour. The Aquo brand assets were then shared with an interactive firm to create a working website with a sophisticated flash based microsite and mobile site. These assets are what you see in the Web Premium product tour. So as you can see, it was a very collaborative effort with assets coming from multiple studios. We worked very closely with Elastic to articulate the different workflows and features. They did a great job combining all the different elements and assets together into these product tours.

So there you go, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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these are pretty entertaining but the first quicktime keeps crashing …uh quicktime. has this happened to anyone else? i’m on 7.1.2…

you know you’re hott when you crash browsers

Joe Clay

Yep. It will also crash quicktime itself if you download it, so don’t bother.

Joe Clay

Oh, the second one does it too.


That animation should be fixed now. Let us know if anyone still has difficulties. -uvph


Ah yes, I was at NAB this week and Steve Holmes was using some of these assets as well. Fun stuff!

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