Lucien Superstar


This is not your typical Motionographer feature, but someone known as Boum suprised me with this short and sweet little animated gem on CA forums… and well I loved it so much I had to feature it here… so there! Visit his site to see more of his illustrations and animations (if his server can handle it).

+ Watch Lucien Superstar!
(Proudly hosted by Motionographer)

Technical specs:
approx. 530 drawings
3 months overall
shot on 35mm film with Senior Oxberry camera
coloured with col-erase pencils!

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Babe, your bias is showing. Boum is also known as Samantha. But your right about one thing,c’est très cute. So fluid. Nice to see a student from Montreal featured on Motionographer. Yeah for 2D!


awww… super cute.


That was awesome, but it left me wanting the little guy to rock out more…..


How come i can’t see a link to little Lucien on the portfolio site?


The amazing tension set up by this narrative is truly amazing. I hope that other motion designers and creative thinkers can put more emotional context into their eye candy, like tension, surprise,disappointment, there are so many, but this one does handles ‘anti-climax’ so sweetly again….truly amazing!

Love it!

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