Jon Baker, Morten Rowley & Fuel for Extra.


Jon Baker (of Twin/Window Productions) has just finished the first in series of two fun and adorable spots for Wrigley’s Extra. The 45 sports a small horde of small, vinyl toy-like food characters following a guy around for a day trying to tempt him.

“For me, the most exciting thing about this job was the thought of creating real toy characters that walk around, have personalities and feel completely alive and in the scene. From their appearance, to the 3d animation, to the lighting, I wanted there to be no doubt that they could actually exist and pull off everything we wanted them to do. Look-wise, I was influenced from a variety of vinyl designer toys… the style you’d find in boutiques like Kid Robot or surrounding the desks of designers and 3d nerds the world over. We went to a lot of effort to incorporate the tiniest of realistic details, from casting seams, to paint inconsistencies, to scuffs, to manufacturer’s stamps… even if you don’t actually notice them in the final ad”.

I’ve seen this on air a few time here is Aus and loved it. Its a finely crafted little spot that isn’t as over the top with its use of ficional characters as a lot of similarly themed pieces I’ve seen, and in this case I think it’s better for it. Make sure you check out the links on the featured page for some great concept work including character sketches, renderings and early 3D tests.

The spot was directed by Jonathan Baker at Window Productions, the characters designed by Morten Rowley, the visual effects created by FUEL, and the music by Nylon.

Watch Wrigley’s Extra ‘Tab’



This is pretty much amazing. I’m a big fan of simple cute things like this, and personally wanted to a project like this recently. I just lacked the talent and know how to execute it, and am glad that this group didn’t have the same drawbacks. Would love to see more of these spots.


This is a great spot, Fuel and Jon have been pumping out soem great work.


A very adorable and watchable TVC indeed, but one can’t help feel a little sad for the donut and his merry crew. How can I be expected to chew extra again if such a tragedy is destined to strike other wandering food groups?


I really got into this and seeing Jon and his brother speak at Semi Perm you can kinda see where the humour comes from. Cool spot.

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