The Doll by Wyld Stallions


Warning: Link potentially NSFW if you actually work in a professional office, not at home or in a boy’s club. Contains nudity and adult situations.

The Doll is a gorgeous new short film from Wyld Stallions to “virally” promote a luxury lingerie line. The sci-fi scenario involves a lonely lady and a mail-order robot. So: lingerie, robots, girls. Sounds good already, huh? What’s interesting (besides the obvious) is the making of and behind-the-scenes stuff that Wyld Stallions has put together. They take you through the whole process of making the film: writing, storyboards, animatics, casting, the shoot, and post-production. The film is also really nicely shot and full of subtle visual effects that you may not catch the first time ’round. Well done, guys. Take a moment and check it all out.



Wow… I loved this one.
Very sexy, and a good concept.

Does anyone know if they used any prosthetics for certain parts. I assume the seams breaking up the limbs, etc. can be created with a strong black rubber/cloth band, but some of the parts look like prosthetics were involved.

BTW, to Wyld Stallions, thank you for creating a “making of” I really enjoy the info.


the making of is classic, the bit where chris touches up rich is classic!


watch out for the doll that plays dirty!!! she will get ya!!!

I think Ridley Scott may have had a love affair with a doll like that….


Big ups fellas. Seeing it on the big screen was epic.


I really do not like the concept of this short. I don’t really even have to mention misogyny, as this would get me booed out of here, but it’s just not a very good narrative.

How would you interpret the brief “Lingerie to kill for”?



though the making of was more interesting than the short…


Misogyny? How so? Please elaborate.

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