Digital Kitchen: New Site, New Work

In some ways, I feel like Digital Kitchen are unsung rock stars. When I talk to students about them, they often aren’t aware of them. But DK’s new site shows exactly why DK is worth putting at the top of anyone’s list.


The new Michaels spots (there are two, don’t miss them) are beautiful specimens of hybrid animation techniques fused together by seamless transitions. We posted DK’s new reel as a Quickie a while back, but it deserves mention here again. The editing and sound design are simply incredible.

Thanks to Shaun for the tip.

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Definitely one of my favorite studios out there. The new site looks and navigates good. Amazing demoreel and great single spots. The dexter intro is one of my fav tv series intros out there.


I like the new site way better.
Somehow its easier on the eyez.

They do some great work and the people working there are cool.

I really like the Microsoft Recruiting piece btw.


also… check our company profile here:
Designer Slash Model


Awesome…thanx for that one…haven’t seen it before.

LOL I’ll have to inquire Mike Russel about his headshot tomorrow.


Haha, the Designer Slash Model bit was on the quickies a few days ago. I’m kind of tempted to buy the t-shirt. Definitely some amazing work here, and from their little spoof site you can tell they’re cool people.


Students not aware of dK? Must be students of RECENT generation!! Back in my days everyone knows and looks up to dK….


Im a student and I deffinatly love dK! And Designer Slash Model is really awsome!

AUTO Renegade

As a student I was always aware of Digital Kitchen. Now I work a couple blocks from their Seattle office and Im still amazed by the great work happening right up the street!


Love the new site, very clean and well thought out. Good job. I interned at DK as a student and found not all of my peers were aware of Digital Kitchen at the time… ;)

btw – I so heart DSM ^^ Very wry and witty! Cracks me up. lol

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