2007 Promax/BDA Title Sequence

Rezn8’s open to the 2007 BDA is beautiful and well rendered while maintaining a very brooding (almost tribal) nature. This is the result of a very powerful audio choice and the pacing to go with it.


Its interesting that both this year’s BDA and Boardsmag Awards have such a similar concept behind their branding and title sequences. They both involve collaged-out bean stalks extending upward which culminate in the development of the logo. While the concept is similar, the design and execution are entirely unique.

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Yes. I agree this is a complete rip-off of Stardust’s “Boards awards” and also stardust’s new NYSE commercial.

Funny the theme for the BDAs “What inspires you?” guess they were inspired by stardust.


What is up with the rezn8 servers?
The download takes forever. From what I saw it looked pretty good though.

To comment on the similarities. I’m sure given the intensity of both spots that they were being developed at the same time. I would be inclined to chalk this up as coincidence.


this is so great..this style is so wonderful..but the server isnt nice


that server is hopeless, which is a shame because the three seconds I managed to download in 20 minutes looked nice.


I think people yell “rip-off” a bit to quick around here. These pieces are similar, but the style/execution is way different.
Personally, the style of this intro appeals more to me. I love the amount of detail crammed in there. Good stuff…from what I’ve seen so far.

Now if I can just finish downloading this from whomever’s home-server-in-mom’s-basement this is hosted on, I’ll be good :-)


Finally saw the whole thing, and I’ve got to say; Nice Job. It’s rich and interesting to look at, and somewhere in there I think there is a message.

Is it 100% original? As graphics for a TV/Mograph industry conference, I’d say it doesn’t matter. Art imitates life.


As someone who worked one the other intro, I have to say it is really cool to see another take on the same idea. Obviously pure coincidence. I really like their version too, alot of really cool stuff in there, music brings a whole different feeling to it. Good job.


i think the concept could not have been more creatively animated here…the idea that any good product has lots of positive energy brewing inside of it, energy just waiting to be brought into full bloom by a marketing agency…brilliant…and you gotta love the frog and the shrooms gettin the closeups…fantastic…they might have had to do a lil’ boomin shroomin session just to come up with such a striking visual design…and with that tribal drum hitting so hard, you have no choice but to take this seriously.

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