20 / 120 Films online

The 20 new 20 / 120 films presented during BDA last week are now online. They run the gamut from full-on live action short films to fake infomercials and documentary to hand-animated music video …

My three favorites above are from Ben Radatz, Saiman, Sean and Chad, and Matt Tragesser.



Bran’s was actually my favorite!


I saw one by david herbruck and beat baudenbacher…but then i saw concept, design, and animation by sarah orenstein…So I am asking…what did they actually do?…just have the contact / invitation to be in the “cool” BDA..show…

THATS AWESOME…great job…

Like…never miss an opportunity to self promote even it it means not doing SHIT – classic motion graphic design industry action…HAHA

Oh sorry – she is on the payroll…so they still did it…becasue they paid her…

But wait it says no companies…no corporate sponsors…hmmm…


I personally liked Bran’s also!


i also love Bran’s, simple but beautiful. Radatz, Herbruck/Baudenbatcher are also btw my favorite ones and Mark Szumksi and Tom Hurlburt one just cracks me up.


Whoa Whoa Whoa, I totally forgot about dgo and krob’s!!!


i liked matt tragessers, and the one by scott matz and justin meridith it is more subtle but really funny. they are all really clever. soup to nuts is hilarious.

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