Jonas Odell: The Hours

Jonas Odell (Nexus Productions) has created another music video in his signature style, this time for The Hours.


I think one of the reasons Jonas’ work is so interesting is because he juxtaposes unexpected imagery in ways that seem to make some kind of strange sense. Skulls and flowers and absurd machinery all seem to work together, dancing a macabre jig choreographed by a madman.

And the level of detail really pulls you into his work. Even on a full screen, you find yourself straining to catch everything. This new promo for The Hours is perhaps his most detailed work to date.

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.


AUTO Renegade

This video really worked for me. I like how theres alot going on but its not happening at a break neck speed, so you have time to enjoy it and digest it. Also, the idea of everything happening on a stage is easier on the eyes. You keep all the interesting animation in front of you instead of having to constantly adapt to new visual environments.



loved it, the flow was great, picked a great song, enjoyed the references and choreography ;-9

its nice to like pieces posted here, not just admire them, or even glaze over in the face of something super slick for a fortune 500 company

kind of made my day


That thing is darn good. watched it many times to get the many details.


yep, love it.

Would be good to find out more about this one.


Holy shit this thing was awesome! Man I cannot say enough good things about this animation. Its nice to see simple stage animation with so much detail . The rigging was very cool as well.

My only complaint is that the song did not match the visuals AT ALL. It was a pop indie song and when I hear pop indie – I don’t think scary. No matter what the lyrics or intent are.

As for the animation – 11 out of 10


the skulls are inkeeping with the album artwork and other promotional stuff ive seen about for this band

Marc B.

Not bad. But not so much fan of the symmetry-mographs/ semi kaleidos that is so trendy nowadays. I guess it’s just odells one-trick pony “trademark”.


Mark B, I have difficulty taking all your critical remarks seriously.

Maybe if we saw your work it might give you the credibility needed to back up such comments.

Marc B.

jonnyplum, If you’re a close friend/ fan of odell then i guess you just have to live with the fact that here we’re free to express our opinion regarding particular videos. If you don’t like to read slightly critical ones then just don’t open up the comments and shut your eyes & ears.

Most of the time i post compliments anyway but i’m sure we’re allowed to express a bit of critique as well.


I like to think discussions should be constructive.

I would not call your comment critical, more insulting.

If you dont like a piece of work back it up with something helpfull instead of just putting it down.


Your first bit was critical, but then insulting the person with the, “I guess it’s just odells one-trick pony ‘trademark,'” was the comment that seemed inappropriate.

I think had you left that statement out, it would have made they defining difference between a critique and a put down.

Anyhow, our opinions differ on this piece, but I hope you can at least respect the individuals who do this work, and avoid attacking them directly as a person.

Marc B.

OK, apologize for sayn the one-trick-pony thing.

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