Carlo Vega and Adam Gault: St. Jean Baptiste

Reader and tipster Shaun Collings recently pointed out this gem for St. Jean Baptiste over at Carlo Vega’s site. I’m not sure how new it is, but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t there a week ago, and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.


Like much of the work on Carlo’s site, the spot was created in collaboration with Adam Gault. I’ve probably said this elsewhere, but Carlo and Adam have consistently been two of my favorite animators for quite some time now. Starting with the amazing CMT IDs they did together a couple years ago, I have been astounded and inspired by their work ever since.

Their animation is silky smooth and polished to a high shine. They bring still, flat 2D imagery to life with ever shifting compositions that never fail to surprise me—even after I’ve seen them a few dozen times.

Notice how in this new St. Jacques Baptiste spot they aren’t afraid to throw in a couple cuts? I love that. They do the same thing in “All Star” for Nike. Despite the flowing animation and “one long shot” approach, Carlo and Adam use cuts to add a little unexpected dynamism. They really milk the compositions for everything they’re worth.

Adam Gault’s site | Carlo Vega’s site

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Very very smooth and gorgeous. It has been a while since i say a really inspiring 2d animation, real 2d animation. Nice work.


Being a Québécois I love see my province in any great spot but I find the text moves so fast at some points only a person into motion design would get it. However I still love the design and the ending is fun just like the Fête Nationale.


stellar work, the peice has such a great flow, however i agree with Vincent in that perhaps the text doesn’t really hang around long enough to be digested… might be just that the names are foreign to me though… still, fantastic work!


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s La St. Jean-Baptiste.
However, thanks a lot to share. I didn’t know about these guys, I’ll search more info about them …


xavier, Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Fête Nationale du Québec are one in the same. In QC it’s more commonly called le Fete St Jean.

And if any of you NY or TO crowd what a really good time take a road trip to the Plains of Abraham in Quebec city for a amazing time full of concerts.

AUTO Renegade

I like this peice. Its very soothing to my eyeballs. Couldnt read the text very well, but I cant read french canadian anyways. Good work.


Updated the typo in St. Jean’s name. Thanks, guys.


Nice techniques of the cameran and text animation but… Could the authors change the Adobe Illustrator’s pattern fill preset used for the multi coloured strokes animation?? I think they could work a little more in this things instead of using software presets!!

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