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Panda Panther has been busy these days, and they’re quickly building a distinctive motion portfolio. Their new series of show opens for MTV are full of jubilant, madcap fun that combine 2D and 3D elements in a psychedelic tidal wave of visuals. As a campaign, they link the three disparate shows with a youthful, rebellious exuberance.

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It’s not all blips and zzwooyahs. They can tell stories, too. Check out Defense Shield and Chimney Sweep, two clever eco spots for MTV Amsterdam.

Panda Panther is young, but I really like where they’re going. (I like where they came from, too. I remember digging the Nike Art of Speed project they did way back in the Tween days, before Panda Panther even existed.)

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Like Presstube on meth. I bet these movies would get that erectile dysfunctioning Panda in China to finally make some babies…

Marc B.

Nice. They’re definately no friends of people with epilepsy :D


psychedelic tidal wave? yes. any summer emotions evoked? no.

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