Pic Pic Andre

I saw the work of this French stop-motion artist (correction: it seems this is a duo from belgium, and here is their site) awhile back when his first short ‘Panique Au Village’ made its rounds, and I instantly loved it. The quirky characteristics of the animation are hard to mistake with any other stop motion I’ve ever seen and I love the use of miniature figurines that I remember from yester-year. Recently, two spots were done for Cravendale milk, which are equally as entertaining as the two ‘Panique Au Village’ shorts. Curiously, they all contain a trio of lead characters, consisting of two typecast males and a large barn animal, either a cow or a horse. And they always live together and sleep in the same room. Funny. Funny weird, or funny haha? Both? Definitely funny-haha.

Check it out. Nexus Productions is an assembly of multiple directors that create alot of work that we are very familiar with. The site is flash so I have to link to saved favorites containing Pic Pic Andre’s work. When you view one, just click back to ‘my favorites’ to access the others. Hopefully it works, if not, just find Pic Pic Andre in the directors list.