Don’t Walk Alone by Santamaria

This piece by a duo called Santamaria for Sony is blowing my mind. I’d like to say RAD, but I don’t think we can anymore. Anyway, it’s charming and crazy. Simple, but layered. What I love is the mix of psychedelic trippiness, early video-game abstraction and art deco-ish ornamentation. It’s also the mystical journey of a hero’s quest with a magical reindeer guide. Or something like that. I can’t totally tell. I don’t really want to know. And the music is by Huma-Huma.



such simple shapes that do so much. cool stuff.


Its funny. This video is in a style I usually dislike, but this particular one I think is awesome.
Love the chiptune style music as well.

Great work.

hannibal russo

woah. amazing animation – love the textures and the imperfections. amazing music too – it’s a satisfying little story and all the components come together so nicely. wish i knew the dance moves to go with…


agree with KGB, i usually don’t like that hipster triangles style, but that was awesome. Its so perfectly paired to the audio i can forgive it the “weren’t the 80’s craazy” irony. Great work.

Simon Robson

I really really like this. It’s great fun, and on the second run i ‘got’ the story which was quite satisfying actually. These days it seems like so many studios try to ‘out motion’ each other with the latest tricks and techniques and so on. In as much, this has an incredibly refreshing design led approach. Well done, well done. I very much look forward to seeing more from Santamaria…

AUTO Renegade

Maybe you cant say Rad, but I say it all the time. BTW, that was Rad!


that was gnarly, righteous and tubular.


great adjectives so far, i wont even try to one er’body up with a better one… but SiRob does bring up the ever-relevant debate about trendy-flashy technique versus purpose-driven design…

at first this may seem trendy-flashy, but in my subjection, it is pure.

pure as in you can’t distill a stronger mographic Moonshine, you can’t synthesize a more potent 4D time-based DMT molecule…

when you can distill a character down to a rectangle with radial legs and one circle eye…then take it and the audience on the psychedelic good time that is portable music…that stirs the right emotions for sony…does it not?

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