Blur for Transformers: The Game

Blur established itself long ago as the king of cinematic game trailers. Their new effort for Transformers: The Game continues to raise the bar for everyone else.


The lighting in this project is stunning. Every shot is appropriately epic. The golden hues of breaking dawn and the icy blues of outer space complement each other to create a cohesive yin and yang of sorts.

And as usual, the camera work is fantastic, easily on par with feature-length animation. Blur has a nice way of letting the camera echo the movements of the characters. They dampen this echo just enough that we don’t feel locked into each bob of the characters’ heads, creating the sensation that we are not just spectators, but some kind of hybrid participant-referee-onlooker.

For some behind the scenes action, check out this video at

Props to Sofus Graae for the tip.

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certainly some nice sophisticated camera work… but,

this makes you wonder what methods of integration were used to make this…do you think that the cg artists from the movie shared their models with the game company…?

i mean obviously this is a pre-rendered trailer, not any type of in-game action…so if they are sharing resources between companies…why not share more…? i mean yea this certainly ain’t bad, but it looks like a pile of dog shit compared to the movie…

let alone the final title… they hired kyle f’in cooper to do the movie titles, which are prolly some of the most sophisticated and significant movie titles to date…
and yet for the game, it looks like they just gave the Blur crew and illustrator path of the movie logo, and said “try and animate like kyle cooper did”

hah…i donno, i know that transformers is a HUGE project, but a little more integration of the best work would be appreciated…

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