Yannick Puig: “I Lived on the Moon”

Yannick Puig directed, designed, and animated “I Lived on the Moon” for Kwoon. It’s an ethereal short film brimming with atmosphere and a childlike sense of wonderment.

There’s some nice making-of info on Yannick’s site, including links to alternate downloads of the video.

Thanks to reader Eoin Duffy (and Yannick Puig himself) for bringing this project to our attention.

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Simon Robson

Great work. Love it. The shot at the end where the canon ball on the chain just misses the kid on the Manta Ray is breath-taking.


Its always interesting to me how some pieces get tons of comments and others get few. I think this is a wonderful piece of work. As I watched it I found it vaguely familiar, and soon realized that this is the same guy who did “Krapooyo” which is an amazing piece of work in itself. He’s got a very original style.
Nice work!



Great short! I agree, the cannonball part is intense. And thank you for making a “making of”.


Hey, the Krapooyo guy! Wonderful piece, once again. I personally think he’s a great story teller and I’m glad to see some new work. Very inspiring.

Does he also do illustration? I could see him being a great children’s book artist. :)

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