Celyn for Ben & Jerry’s

Nexus Productions director Celyn has created this enchanting 30 second TVC for Ben & Jerry’s through Paris based agency, Leg. Production time was around 5 weeks and the creative was very much a collaboration between Celyn and the agency. Leg came to Celyn with an initial storyboard and animatic, which he developed further. He then set about character design in his inimitable fashion before beginning production.

Celyn was very hands-on during the production process, animating elements such as the van, photographers and crowd. He and his small team have succeeded in creating a charming spot which, in the final shot, superbly manages to depict crowd chaos without seeming messy or cluttered. I put this down to a really clever use of colour palette and composition. I particularly like the two chefs running with their massive spoon. There’s something very Python-esque about the way they hop.

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Celyn’s work is genius. I’ve been a longtime fan. It’s like Max Flescher meets Heinz Edelmann with a contemporary twist. The team did a great job on this. I really miss cell animation incorporated more into motion graphics.
I really get a cool feeling watching Celyn’s stuff, maybe nostalgic but it also takes you places never seen before.


Great spot!

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