New trends in the industry?

Edit: it seamed that I did not express my self clearly about what I found to be the interesting aspect of the post regarding Prime Focus London and have therefore chosen to rewrite the post. My apologizes for not being too clear. But be easy on me. I am new. :-)

Lately I have found the ongoing debate regarding harder pressure from client throughout the industry a interesting topic. It seems that there are some collaborations and merges that have taken place in order for the studios / post houses to deal with the pressure and demands from clients.


One of the most interesting cases I have noticed is the international creative network of creative professionals in the broadcast industry. Unitedsenses is a global network including broadcast agencies and studio from around the world, letting otherwise unknown territory be touched by studios who might not be able to reach it.


Another good example is the latest merge between Clear, The Hive and VTR, which now is known as Prime Focus London. By joining forces, they will be able to deal with higher client demands. Also with a new business model they are capable of outsourcing creative and technical work to it’s award-winning parent company in India. Read the full article about the merge at VFXtalk.

Will this new structure then affect the smaller studios and studios with less financial flexibility to take a beating?

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I don’t understand this post. Would be nicer to see some good work from them when they are ready… Sounds a bit like merchandising.

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