Jon Baker, Morten Rowley & Fuel for Extra… Part 2.


In a follow-up to the first spot that we posted a while ago, Jon Baker and team have released this second spot for extra featuring their cute vinyl toy creations:

“This time a posse of food characters, styled like vinyl designer toys, are following a young woman as she gets ready to go out. We’ve introduced a bunch of new characters this time, and brought back some of the originals.”

Again, the spot was directed by Jonathan Baker at Window Productions, the agency is DDB Sydney, the characters designed by Morten Rowley, the visual effects created by FUEL , and the music by Nylon.

Both Jon and Josh are really producing some great work as directors at TWiN, managing to get ideas off the ground globally and here in Australia that are quite outside the norm, often a difficult task in the rather conservative market we have here. Oh, and they have a rather amusing blog.

Watch Extra ‘White’



Great interpretation of the vinyl designer toy style. Super kid robotish. I dig the concept too. It’s great to see something new rather than the whole “tooth paste sparkle and action powered fluoride!” bit that everyone does over and over. I guess it’s almost like shaving commercials where they just get so damn repetetive and annoying.

Great job to FUEL and Morten Rowley for pulling out great characters and execution.


Sorry for the double post, but forgot to give props to Jon Baker and everyone else involved!


Looks cool…
I like how the seam on the “cup” guy is accentuated more in the second spot.


Nice. Maybe it’s because I’ve already seen the first one, but the 2nd one reads better to me. Love the cigarette guy scooting around and the cup looking the mirror.


It’s just flawlessly executet and super cute. Like it as much as the first one.

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