Ryan Dunn: Zune Arts

As a product, the Zune is probably doomed. But as an image campaign, the Zune Arts films have showcased some amazing talent. The latest specimen is this spot directed by Ryan Dunn (Vitamin).


Ryan and his team have produced a tightly crafted narrative. Compositionally, the shots are beautifully balanced, and the minimal palette works well. I also love the stylized clouds. They disrupt your expectations just enough to spice things up a bit.

Director: Ryan Dunn.
Illustration: Elliot Lim, Music: What Made Milwaukee Famous, 3D: Ryan McDougal, Bradon Webb, Scott Trosclair, Jon Dorfman

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well visually this is wonderful…and if it didnt have the zune logo at the end, it would be a nice little piece about friendship and sharing…

but there is simply no relation to the product here at all. i know what their strategy is regarding abstract portrayals of sharing and friendship and all…but this just does not do the same thing for me as the dogfight one does…

i think that the missiles (on old bi-planes no less, hah) made the music sharing connection. here there is no music sharing connection, no matter how abstract.


Very beautiful! These guys are doing extremely interesting and original work.

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