Barbara Di Pasquale


I rarely note the name of the person doing the work — mostly because I am on the website for the work and not the trivial and sometime odd information that is delivered there.

But this time it struck me that Barbara is a female name, and then it got me thinking how rarely I encounter females in the industry, especially people like Barbara with 10 years of experience. But don’t think I posted this because of that. The simple fact that Barbara has a strong and colorful body of work of high quality broadcast work is reason enough for posting.

About the author

Sofus was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark where he studied at Copenhagen Technical School (KTS) and finished with a degree in Graphic Design for printed matters and Motion Design - His entrance on the work fields was at a conceptual development agency in copenhagen where he worked on corporate video productions for international food and brewage brands. After 3 years doing that he moved with his girlfriend Birgit Schmidt to Vienna, Austria - where he currently works as freelancer.



I think it’s equally as rare to see some decent stuff come out of Italy. Good job Barbara!


amazing. that butterfly on my mouse pointer drives me freakin nuts.


rothermel…haha, are you out of pdx?


yes, as an italian is hard to admit but it’s true. even if we are so strong in design, motion graphic never actually developed in italy. but we are growing…lot of people is now really interested in motion design and barbara is just an example of how great can also be the stuff that comes from our country. yep!


who are you lightweaver?


Great reel, very powerful.


friend of Aaron Sturg.
professional title.
visionary. haha.


nice variety of work


Thank you all, sorry for being away for a while. Italian md is getting better indeed, even if I see that lots of young designer still are strongly influenced by graphics abroad, instead of relying on their design roots.

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