Chimp on a Chain for GOOD Magazine

As part of GOOD Magazine’s Transparency series, Chimp on a Chain Productions has created some fun animations that I admire as much for the impetus behind them as for CoaC’s off-beat, low-budget approach to production.


The films are a mix of stop-motion, public domain mash-ups and traditional motion graphics. I debated whether or not to post these, because I’m sure many of you will disparage their lack of technical prowess and/or overall polish. If you follow my posts, you know I appreciate well-placed keyframes and slick rendering more than the average bear.

But that’s not the point. The point is that motion is being used to transform dull messaging (i.e. statistics) into cleverly entertaining short films. GOOD Magazine’s Transparency series is an attempt to present data that we would otherwise ignore in ways that are hard(er) to ignore. Chimp on a Chain has done, I think, an admirable job of communicating what is essentially a campaign of information graffiti.

NOTE: The link to the first video, “Internet Porn,” appears to be broken. Here’s the YouTube version. Oh, and in case the title was a dead giveaway, it’s pretty much NSFW.

Thanks to my friend Chris Martz for the tip on this one.

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Marc B.

Interesting, well done and some GOOD advertising for kellemarie.


Watched a couple…
Not bad…and yes, very informative!
Keep ’em coming.

/clicked on the porn one first

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